ON SATURDAY, October 20, 100-plus of us travelled from Cumbria and north Lancashire to London to join 700,000 more on the People's Vote.

There was a real cross-section of young and old and people from many walks of life. Talking to them I found we were united around the belief that the UK will be a country with less opportunity, less security and less prosperity if we leave the EU.

There was a real determination to do our utmost to give the country a chance to review its decision of 2016.

We accept that there are many with a different opinion and that is why when we know the facts of the deal Theresa May secures we believe that then people should have the final say on whether we accept that deal.

The 2016 referendum initiated preparations for a departure but now we see more clearly the destination we have a duty to future generations to use our best judgment to get the decision right.

As a surveyor in my previous life I inspected and valued houses for people who had made a decision to purchase. This would be one of the most important decisions of their lives.

They wanted before they finally committed more details on the property's condition and worth. I think that was wise. If I found a faulty roof, rising damp or other major fault they then had the opportunity to think again.

Leaving the EU is a far bigger and more complicated decision than buying a house. It makes it even more important that we have a chance to review all its implications before making the final choice.

John Studholme

New Hutton