I WRITE to rectify some misconceptions on the subject of the post office closure in Kendal.

Peter Gaukroger (Letters, October 25, 'Unlikely to be exception') is wrong when he says the post office is no longer a state owned business - it is.

Post Office Ltd (the counters) is publicly owned, Royal Mail (the letter delivery) is privately owed.

The Post Office and Royal Mail were split off when Royal Mail was privatised in 2011 by the then Lib Dem/Conservative coalition government. The bill was steered through parliament by Vince Cable.

He did not heed the concerns of the Communication Workers Union, which said that splitting off the Post Office would leave benches vulnerable to take over and closure.

We in the Communication Workers Union find it perverse that now our fears are being realised.

Both Lib Dem and Conservative politicians are quick to jump on the bandwagon and campaign to keep the Kendal Post Office open. It is a pity they didn't think of the consequences of supporting their political parties when the Royal Mail was privatised.

The Communication Workers Union is running a campaign to keep the Post Office in Kendal open and we urge people to get involved.

Paul Braithwaite

Communication Workers Union