In my Ask The Medic column on October 25 I wrote about Ibuprofen bringing down temperatures in viral illnesses.

With Chicken Pox, caused by a virus called Varicella Zoster, there is an rare association between using ibuprofen-like drugs and a serious bacterial skin condition. A very helpful keen eyed reader has spotted this and as I wrote the article some time ago, I thought I’d update things.

The advice given is to avoid ibuprofen if you have Chicken Pox, but the evidence out there is not actually that clear. It suggests an association but not a direct cause. There is no specific reasons for why this association is there, but many theories. The risk is actually very small as well.

But my advice is that until more research takes place then we should keep ibuprofen for those other viruses, and use paracetamol for Chicken Pox. As always if you ever are worried about your child then ask for a review by a clinician.

Richard Russell