IF YOUR child is having a ‘Little Nero’ tantrum - that is, they are trying to get their own way by controlling those around them, hitting out or crying and screaming – it is essential to nip this type of behaviour in the bud. If this behaviour goes unchecked your little one will use this method to get what they want throughout their life. It is unhealthy to have a child who rules the roost with their behaviour.

If you are experiencing this type of behaviour from your toddler act now to curtail this becoming a part of your child’s personality some top tips:

• Don’t give your child an audience simply walk out of the room, put the kettle on etc.

• Resist the temptation to persuade, shout or reason with your child – this will reward the behaviour we are trying to reduce.

• Distraction and using humour are great ways of diffusing potential Nero tantrums these techniques can also help you keep calm. An example of this could be – your child doesn’t want to get into their car seat, distract them by pointing out a cloud or a dog or sheep through the car window.

• Try to always be immediate, decisive and consistent – make a plan in advance.

Use time out as a last resort, this is only appropriate if your child is biting, hitting or kicking.

It is essential that you treat your child firmly and fairly avoid shaming or humiliating them - allow them to lose the battle with dignity. Reward good behaviour with positive attention.

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