I was very proud to be a witness to a very successful Guinness Book of Records attempt for the longest baking session which took 30 hours, smashing the previous record of 25 hours which had bene set in the USA

A representative from the Guinness Book of Records confirmed the successful record and the three Lakeland employees - Zoe Halliwell, Jane Nicholson and Stella Wilson - received individual records after a marathon bake off.

The attempt had to ensure the participants were moving around doing something continuously, that the preparations were hygienic and the produce not wasted

The cakes were sold in aid of the Roysal British Legion as well as others donated to local residential homes, bought by Lakeland staff etc. I don’t know what the final total is and will still be accumulating, must be thousands.

It is such an achievement in our local area I thought it needed publicity.

The baking started at 11am on the 9th through to 5pm on November 10.

Cath Stobbart