A CUMBRIAN duo have claimed the top podium spot in a national CrossFit competition.

Chelsea Eddy-Waland, manager of Fell CrossFit in Kendal, with team-mate Coral Mowbray competed at the WodMania Championships at the Derby Arena.

They were among 50 teams taking part in the elite female category – and won the competition by more than a minute while also posting the overall best score of the weekend to be crowned Tag Team Champions. 

The competition tested functional fitness, the ability to pick things up, put them down and move them from A to B as efficiently as possible. This included sandbag sprints, dumbbell snatches and synchronised heavy d-ball and sandbags to shoulder. 

Chelsea says they were both ‘shocked’ by the win.
“We certainly didn’t look like the strongest pair but we just worked really well together, enjoyed the whole experience, and it paid off,” she said 

“We both opened our businesses seven weeks ago, so coaching our members and celebrating their successes has been a priority over our own training.”

The next challenge for the women will be a 23-mile fell race while also preparing for the biggest individual UK CrossFit competition next spring in Manchester.