I AM resident on Hallgarth Circle (indeed my parents were the first people to live on the estate in 1949). I have to use a walking aid due to a medical condition.

The state of the pavements on Hallgarth Circle is abysmal, indeed positively dangerous. This is due to the pavements being in parts covered in green moss and other growth, which is extremely slippery.

There have been so many trenches dug on the pavements that it looks like a very bad jigsaw puzzle.

There are many different materials used to fill in the trenches, which have been dug for various reasons. These materials are not finished to a smooth surface and are therefore rough and bumpy, making walking on the pavements very uncomfortable and dangerous.

This makes my walking aid shake to such a degree that the fixings start to loosen.

In one section in particular the state of the different surfaces makes walking much more difficult, due to grass being cut and going on to the pavement and not swept off. A road cleaner clears all the gutters but does not enter the pavements at any point. Very recently the road surface was repaired and it has a good smooth surface.

The state of the pavements is so unsightly that it gives a very poor impression of the estate. It makes the area look like a slum.

A. Robert Otway