WHAT great news for the Windermere branch line! To be up there with the chance of having some of the earliest hydrogen powered trains is wonderful - zero emissions and no unsightly overhead wire pollution. It's a win, win.

There was never any case for spending £32 million of our money on electrification

When we moved back to Kendal 10 years ago we had six or eight through trains to Manchester every day, all diesel, so there is no case for electrics to meet that requirement. Those still proposing such a thing should embrace the good news and stop flogging a dead iron horse.

Those promoting trains and all Cumbrian businesses and politicians would be better occupied uniting against the threat of HS2.

The Government seems determined to plough on with this preposterous project despite so many learned voices proving it is over budget, behind schedule and won’t achieve its claimed objectives.

Do not believe those who say it will be good for Cumbria, it won’t,. The first phase, if it goes ahead, will wreck our London service, forcing a change at Preston with all the disruption, disadvantage and unpopularity that would cause to come anywhere near the standard of service we enjoy today.

We must fight to save our existing service. After all, there is no point in a Windermere service without a good London service to feed it.

Roger Davies