RESIDENTS and traders are to be asked exactly how they they see the future of Kendal’s indoor and outdoor markets.

The major consultation exercise has been launched by South Lakeland District Council, which operates the markets, with the aim of formulating a strategy which will secure the future of the facility.

“The markets are an important asset to the town," said Cllr Graham Vincent, portfolio holder for the economy and assets.

"They should be celebrated and we are committed to helping them to thrive.

“The results of the survey will be used to help us with planning the next stage of the improvements and ensure that the markets are an integral part of the community for many years to come.”

Kendal’s popular street market currently takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, while the indoor market is open six days a week.

The comprehensive consultation will see residents asked how often they visit the markets, whether they are visiting more or less than a year ago and how they rate the markets on variety and quality of stalls, service, trading hours, location and cleanliness.

They will also be asked what would encourage them to use the markets more and what type of stalls they would like to see.

Traders meanwhile will be asked for their opinions on whether the current hours meet customer needs, how they would like to see the markets improved and what they see as the priority issues for the markets.

The consultation will be in the form of face-to-face meetings with traders and the public, online surveys and drop-in sessions to be held in Kendal Town Hall.

The results will then be collated and studied alongside an assessment of future options for the market which is being compiled by the SLDC’s property service provider Lambert Smith Hampton.

And the final results will be used as the base for the SLDC to develop and begin a plan of action in the new financial year.

A letter sent to traders by SLDC explaining the process assured them there was no threat to the market and the object of the exercise was to ensure it faced the future in a secure financial position.

"Please be assured that none of this means there is a threat to the future operation of the market," the letter reads.

"On the contrary, this exercise is about putting the market on a secure footing for the future.

“SLDC is committed to working with you all to help create a successful market that the town can be proud of.”

The survey can be completed online at