MANY people totally despise the democratic process. The referendum had the highest number of voter turnout for generations. Those who lost the vote are just sore losers.

I was on the losing side in the common market vote. However, even though I lost I just accepted it and got on with life.

Are we in future going to have protests over the results of general elections if the losers don’t like the result?

Bear in mind that the turnouts for general elections are far less and therefore we sometimes end up with a government that is voted in on a third or less of the popular vote.

At least in the Brexit vote we had a definitive result for a majority view.

Yes, I did know what I was voting for as I studied everything I could about the implications of being in or out of the EU. For anyone who studied the history of the EU the choice was a no brainer.

Any re-run of the Brexit vote is a slap in the face for democracy as we have already had the people's vote.

R. Quirk