Judy At Carnegie Hall, two LP live recording 1961 on Capitol Records. Value, whatever you're prepared to pay.

I AM often asked, what makes an album collectable? writes MICHAEL BROOKS. I am unable to define the answer in a single sentence but can only offer a brief synopsis. This album, recorded on Sunday, April 23, is now acknowledged as one of the greatest live albums of all time. It marked an unprecedented run of 21 sell-out shows, it was nominated and won five Grammy awards, including album of the year, best female vocal of the year and best album cover. It was certified gold, spending 95 weeks on the Billboard charts, including 13 weeks at number one, the highest ever accolade for a female singer. It has since been described as the greatest night in showbusiness history. Celebrities in the audience were actors Henry Fonda, Rock Hudson, Spencer Tracy, Richard Burton, Julie Andrews and many more, after only a few minutes the audience began to leave their seats crowding near the stage just to be closer to her.

Critics wrote, "Judy's singing could wring tears out of hearts of stone; she could make me forget all the angst and suffering she must have endured." And "She had the voice of a woman with a heart that had been broken." Indeed she had! After singing Over The Rainbow from Wizard Of Oz, she began an illustrious career that extended beyond films into radio and recording that led her to be one of the greatest entertainers of modern times. Her powerful singing voice added great emotional depth which came not only through talent but often from the cruel reality of her life. When the catalogue of personal tragedies was added to Judy's performing ability, she became something else, a cult figure and showbusiness legend that she eventually could not cope with anymore. Her dependence on barbiturates and alcohol that she needed to help cope with her private life of failed marriages led to a series of personal struggles and erratic behaviour, but this album put her back on top of the world; all her forthcoming concerts were sold out.

After this appearance, she was kindly asked what the surge of adulation meant to her? She replied, "In the silence of night I have often wished for just a few words of love from one man, rather than the applause of thousands."

A truly remarkable woman.