I HAVE just received a parking penalty in the post six weeks after visiting Grange-over-Sands. Apparently I did not display my ticket clearly enough (I have no evidence, except my honesty, to dispute this. It's something I always double check after having had a similar experience some years ago).

The double whammy was that, wherever the parking ticket was placed, I did not see it (I could dispute that it was not clearly displayed,but how could I prove it?), hence I now have to pay £50 instead of £25.

I remember October 31 was a very windy day and the parking ticket may well have blown away, but again how can I prove that now?

I would never just ignore a parking fine. That would be foolhardy!

All in all, the day trip to Grange was a disaster as I couldn't even walk along the sea front. A chap in a high-vis jacket was turning everyone back because of filming (I believe The Bay was being filmed).

I have visited the area on many occasions and always pay for parking. Sometimes the parking charges are very expensive, but one has to bite the bullet.

Sadly I will be reluctant to come to the South Lakes again.

Driver beware. Take a photograph of your displayed ticket when you leave your vehicle. Some tickets can't be stuck down, which is not helpful when it comes to securing it.

A. Downes