PLANS to reopen a scenic path on the route of a disused railway line near Ulverston have won the support of councillors and Barrow MP John Woodcock.

Parts of the route from Greenodd to Bardsea have been used by cyclists, horse riders and walkers for some time, but a section of the route close to the Ulverston canal, which is owned by Network Rail, was fenced off a few years ago.

However, campaigners are now pressing to reopen the section, a move which if successful would not only allow access along the entire route, but would also provide users with a safer alternative route to the busy A590.

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock has supported the idea of the path for walkers and cyclists.

“People with local knowledge and good ideas should always be listened to and the plan is well worth further scrutiny," he said.

“As a cyclist who enjoys exploring the rural byways of Furness, I would welcome this scheme and it has the potential to give another dimension to our tourism economy.

“I will be happy to table the idea for discussion at the next meeting of our Cumbria Better Connected campaign group when local councillors and Network Rail personnel will be in attendance.”

And Ulverston councillor Mark Wilson, who is a keen cyclist, said the plan was well supported in the town.

“We have had a successful feasibility study undertaken for a path from Greenodd to Ulverston, but Network Rail have not been on board as much," said Cllr Wilson.

“The plan is a way to enhance community aspirations for our local people and one which will benefit the town."

Ulverston Town Council clerk Jayne Kendall said the route would be a fantastic addition for tourism and local residents.

“By opening all the routes and constructing a long footpath the network for walking routes would be amazing for local people and tourists who visit," she said.

“Another great feature is getting cyclists off the A590, which is a major hazard.

“The town council have been speaking to Network Rail for several years about re-opening the curve next to the canal but little progress has been made.

“It would be brilliant for the town if Network Rail could get on board with the idea.”

Network Rail could not be reached for a comment at the time of going to press.