I AM writing to say how disappointed I am about graffiti in the local area, in particular on the footbridge between the golf course and Cunswick Fell over the A591 at Kendal.

I am a 10-year-girl who has been living in Kendal all my life and as a family we refer to this bridge as ‘lucky bridge’ as it means we are near our home.

Throughout the year millions of people travel into the Lake District along this road and they will all see the graffiti written on the bridge.

I do not feel this bridge is now ‘lucky’ any more.

I find it very sad that people feel the need to vandalise things to get across their message and so ruin the very nature of our landscape, whileprotesting about its destruction.

I am asking the council to clean this bridge as soon as possible, as well as the other graffiti that has appeared around our beautiful town.

Erin Louise O’loughlin