I WOULD like to express a big thank you to the wonderful people of Kendal for their generosity last month in raising £2.192.93 for the Lakes and Lancs Blood Bikes.

They were collecting at the Asda supermarket on December 13 in memory of our son Russell, who tragically died earlier on last year and who would have been 50 on the day after the collection.

It was a bitterly cold day and while I was relatively warm inside the store, the other men and women stood outside for six hours and were absolutely frozen. They came from West Cumberland, the Fylde coast and from mid Lancs, as well as the local members.

Some of them also had to make a 40 or 50-mile journey home on their bikes in the cold, already shivering before they started. I admire them all.

I would also like to thank the management at Asda for allowing us to use their premises.

Pat (Helen) and Kenny Curwen