DREAMCATCHER: Alex Hossack and Catherine Aubrey interpret your dreams

Jackie’s Dream:

here are three people in this dream - me, a mature lady that reminded me of Joanna Lumley and my ex-partners daughter, Vera.

First of all the lady came to see me and told me that Vera had had a baby but that she didn’t want it and asked if it could be given to me. Meanwhile, I told everyone that it wasn’t mine, there was no birth certificate etc.

However, I said yes and felt quite excited but after I had had the baby I didn’t want it and it seemed silly to think that anyone would believe it as I was too old.

I also had a puppy which kept going missing all of the time.

At some point I realised that I didn’t have a bond with the baby, so I rang the lady and asked that she give it back to Vera.

When the lady came I was upset and apologetic and said that I couldn’t keep it as it didn’t feel right and I wasn’t bonding with it anyway and that she should try to get Vera to keep it.

Dream Interpretation:

The dream begins with messages concerning issues of acceptance and rejection. This could represent acceptance or rejection of the birth of a new idea or a decision that she doesn’t want to make.

The theme of rejection keeps returning throughout the dream, even when she has initially accepted it, which suggests it is a recurring issue in her life. This rejection is upsetting to the dreamer, who returns to the past for an answer.

Regarding the birth issue, we tend to dream of birth issues when there are thoughts about beginning a new way of life or a developing a new attitude or a new project, also when we are reminded of the death of the old these thoughts are triggered.

It sounds as if the dreamer is thinking of making changes to her life or way of living and is going through a process of insecurity about whether to accept her thoughts about this issue or reject them.

In the end she rejects thoughts of a change to her future. Her decision may be related to growing old represented by the image of lost youth ie. the puppy that kept going missing.

In summary and in psychological terms, the dreamer is coming to terms with something that has been challenging her way of living for some time and is possibly concluding a rejection.

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Interestingly, we have found it is not always possible to interpret your own dream, probably because it often represents the sublimation of feelings or thoughts that we are trying to avoid in our waking lives. However, with a little assistance from the dream interpreter, the symbols and themes can start to make sense and help us to move forward.

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Guidance for the Dreamer

  • Record your dream in writing as soon as you wake up with as much detail as possible.
  • First of all ask yourself who is in the dream.
  • Where are you, what is happening to you and what is happening around you?
  • Record how you are feeling about what you and/or others are doing.
  • Are there particular symbols or objects in the dream that are unusual?
  • Are there any sounds and is the dream in colour or black and white?
  • Are you watching yourself in the dream or are you experiencing it first-hand ie: through your own eyes.
  • Alex Hossack and Catherine Aubrey are Public Service professionals with years of experience as practitioners and managers in the Criminal Justice System.