Here we go again! Yet another application by Oakmere Homes – a third - for 26 dwellings and road works on land adjacent to Natland Mill Beck Lane, Kendal.

The response from the planning authority in the past was a resounding no.

Does the developer not understand that no means no? Perhaps he considers that in time he will wear down resistance to his proposals.

There is nothing remarkable about the field but it is under threat from a very determined developer for a third time. Two previous applications to build 26 houses on the land have been firmly rejected. He is not to blame, of course: he is merely doing what developers do.

All objections at the loss of a peaceful green space with centuries of history, mean nothing. We see the field as a rather ordinary little piece of wild land, with tangled hedgerows and mature trees around it and a stream running through, but it is a green space full of bird song and wild flowers in the long grass in summer. It is a little oasis of peace for the local residents against the noise of traffic constantly swirling beyond it.

The developer sees Natland Mill Beck Lane as a nuisance, full of twists and bends, with a narrow bridge, all of which will have to be widened and straightened to allow access to his land.

He cannot see the ancient listed farmhouse and the site of the mill which has stood here since the 12th century.

The lane has had centuries of use by those going to and from the mill, yet he would have it as a soul-less road suitable for modern traffic.

We love this narrow little lane, safe for walkers and children and cyclists. Does the developer see the old leat with its massive limestone sides which carried water to the mill for centuries and is still very clearly to be seen lining the lane side?

This piece of land was omitted from the local housing plan deliberately.

There is sufficient lands in Kendal for its present housing needs without destroying what little there is left unspoiled.

May I beg the developer to think again and leave this little patch of green alone for us and our descendants to enjoy.

Patricia Hovey