THE Government has published plans to cut down air pollution. The UK has the worst level of asthma in Europe.

There was a record number of deaths from this condition in 2018.

Air pollution contributes to heart disease, strokes and dementia and is the fourth largest cause of deaths in the UK.

So I write to ask all readers of this newspaper to take two actions to cut down pollution in Kendal:

1. If you own a vehicle please turn off the engine when stationary for long periods, especially near schools and medical centres.

2. Consider politely asking the driver of any vehicle running the engine while stationary for a significant period to turn off the engine.

Car engine idling is unnecessary, harmful and costs the motorist money. The engine may not get turned off, but maybe you will have caused the owner to think about what they are doing to themselves, others, and the climate.

M.G. Marvin