I hope that the Lake District National Park Authority does the right thing with regard to the couple who are growing fruit and vegetables on a piece of farmland (Gazette, January 10, 'Couple plan to live self-sufficiently').

Fruit and veg are 'crops' for goodness' sake and therefore 'agricultural' so why should they have to apply for change of use? They should be applauded for trying to live sustainably.

And how can a few bean poles spoil a view? It reminds me of someone complaining about a cock crowing in Langdale!

The Lakes is not just a pleasure park. The LDNPA needs to look after those who live and work here and tackle issues such as second homes and the clogging of our roads with polluting visitor vehicles.

Incidentally, I have grown veggies in a field for nearly 20 years.

Anne Haywood