The RAC Foundation warns half the road bridges in some areas could collapse if used by the heaviest lorries.

Apparently more than 3,000 bridges in Britain maintained by local councils are classed as 'substandard', and cannot support a 44-ton lorry, the heaviest allowed on the roads.

Meanwhile, privately owned bridges, including those owned by organisations such as the Canal and River Trust, are not included in council maintenance.

Lancaster canal bridges, in particular, are subject to constant damage by heavy vehicles. They have no restrictions, despite having been designed and built for horse and cart more than 200 years ago.

Crooklands bridge, near Kendal, is constantly damaged. Is neighbour Seven Milestone bridge on the A65 has again been hit.

While being part of the county road system, the Canal and River Trust has to pick up the bill. Surely county councils have a responsibility here?

Perhaps the RAC Foundation can get all interested parties working together to bring about a sensible solution.

Frank Sanderson