MY HEART went out to anyone who was flooded in Kendal during Storm Desmond. However, I have large concerns about the new flood defence schemes that are being planned.

I can’t see how this will help with flooding much because I believe most of the floodwater came from overflowing drains and also flowed down from smaller becks back down to the Kent.

I know this personally as on the night of the floods I was helping my daughter and I watched the water. As the levels drained back down the water went back into the river.

If a wall is built along the river banks surely this is going to stop the water draining away as quickly, possibly causing deeper flood water?

And surely cutting down all the trees along the river and manufacturing this concrete wall is going to be a negative effect on the environment. And this wall will look ‘ugly’ compared to the beautiful trees and river we can all currently see.

Has anyone given a thought into the length of the works to carry out this project? Surely this will cause backed-up traffic and possibly make people avoid the town, which could well be a knock on effect on traders in the town in terms of less custom and more shops struggling.

I think the Environmental Agency has not weighed up the negative effects of its plans and it should maybe consider alternative flood defence actions.

John Waddington