SCHOOL holidays are a time to relax and recharge. Just having the time and space in the morning to breakfast together and potter around without having a time frame for getting out of the house can be good for all family members.

There are a lot of things to do in and around the beautiful area we live in. Having a few days out planned, as well as indoors (on bad weather days) will help to make the following days ahead a fun time.

Half term doesn’t have to be an expensive affair as there are lots of things to do as a family that cost very little.

Dust off the cobwebs from your bicycles, pack a picnic and head off to the nearest fell, river, lake or castle.

Have a forage through your cupboards and do some baking, let your children make pizzas from scratch or, if you don’t want the mess, buy pre-prepared pizza bases.

Using an outdoor table pour some flour on to the table and add water. Hours can be spent creating finger designs or practising letter writing. Once this is finished use lashings of soapy water to clean the table off together.

Read books, comics or watch a film together (make it a true cinema experience with popcorn and drinks) and snuggle up together on the settee.

There will be times when your children want to get together with their friends, use playdates to help your friends out with childcare over the holiday period.

Whatever you do as a family this half term, have a safe and happy one.

Chris Garner


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