Toddlers have so much energy this age group certainly keep us on our toes! The key to a happy well-behaved toddler is keeping them busy. This doesn’t mean spending lots of money on expensive day trips, though family days out can be lots of fun.

When there isn’t time for a whole day out and your toddler is tipping over into testing behaviour. Here are my 10 top activities to do with your toddler that cost nothing or no more than £1:

1. Dressing up – in oversized clothes, jewellery & shoes.

2. Building towers with toilet rolls – and knocking them down again! Helps develop gross motor skills, counting and shape recognition.

3. Washing up – very therapeutic and calming.

4. Digging in the garden – develops motor skills, learning about nature.

5. Cleaning the car.

6. Baking or making salt dough.

7. Walking the dogs, splashing in puddles.

8. Tidying up – pairing socks – dusting. You can make this into a fun game, children love being part of a team.

9. Sharing books.

10. Making a tunnel or den under a table – with a sheet over it – or on the settee with cushions built up to provide a tunnel.

As you will observe the above list does not include any form of electronic gadgetry or even the TV. It provides ideas for having fun both inside and outside.

As I have mentioned in past columns free play is essential for your child to develop their brain, as it helps them explore their world and will include the use of imagination too!

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