I WAS very pleased to read M.G. Marvin's letter (Gazette, January 31, 'Please turn off the engine').

It has prompted me to take the matter further and do what has been on my mind for some time, especially when I'm walking by the estuary at Sandside.

So I am making cards to give to people who sit in their cars with their engines running for some considerable time.

My card will read:

"You may have read in a recent copy of The Westmorland Gazette, a letter which reminds us that the government has published plans to cut down air pollution.

"The writer suggests that we can take action to cut down pollution in our area by turning off our engines when stationary for any length of time.

"Perhaps we can remind each other to do this?

I hope you will feel you can help in this way.

"With every good wish for the health of us all".

M. Stone