WHAT common sense from several writers on the 14 February 14 letters pages.

Our MP’s response to one letter gives a percentage of locals in touch with him, but we don’t how many or few. They may be mainly Lib Dem supporters, whose party is blatantly pro EU and anti the referendum result.

For Tim Farron to say referendums are divisive and then advocate another one does not make sense.

Lib Dem party policy is to want us to vote again; but to mention ‘keeping the deal we already have’ is like saying ‘better put up with what’s been decided for you’ by the EU rulers and rule makers.

The EU/UK ‘deal’ it is suggested we may be asked to vote on was bound to be messy because of the mountain of rules they had foisted on us and conflicting expectations.

But unless our democratic representatives let us down, we are almost free as a country to move on with new relationships with the EU and the big wide world, with which trading can prosper again!

C. Ashton