Network Rail’s usual bland excuse "Bank holiday weekends are some of the least busy weekends to carry out essential maintenance work", now adds insult to injury by adding "and to prepare for HS2"; knowing full well that HS2 will not stop anywhere in Cumbria, as HS2 services, we have been told, will run non-stop from Glasgow to Preston (Gazette, February 14, 'A huge kick in the teeth').

No-one has officially said why this is so, but could it be to do with the proposed HS2 non stop time from Glasgow to Preston of two hours and 15 minutes?

If the HS2 services were to stop at Carlisle, Penrith or Oxenholme, and Lancaster, the journey time would be longer than the current Virgin times of two hours and 16 minutes, because the new HS2 trains are unable to tilt like the current Pendolinos and therefore have to run slower round curves.

Not so much High Speed 2, but Slower Speed 2!

Robert Parker