How to be a parent? Posed as a question it is quite a mammoth one. With such a huge question the answer cannot be so simple.

Cast your mind back to the first time you saw your infant's face. The rush of emotions – which can be different for each parent, while you might be joint parenting or parenting alone, it is definitely a unique journey for all of us – every emotion from intense love to a huge sense of being overwhelmed by the sheer responsibility of having a little one will assuage your brain in those early times together. Emotions that will revisit you many more times to come during the time your child grows from that tiny baby to a fully grown adult.

There is, I am afraid, no answer to that huge question, and we have to do our best, get as much support with our journey as possible, try to walk in our child’s shoes and look after ourselves as parents.

My recipe for a positive journey through parenthood is this:

• Look after yourself as a parent and don’t be afraid to ask for help and seek support when feel you need it.

• Try to understand the journey your baby and child are going through as they navigate their way through life.

• Try to be a good role model and understand how powerful a teacher you are to your child.

• Let your child be the person they want to be without having to conform to too many rules.

• Give unconditional love, patience and understanding in bucket loads.


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