I read the report about the Blue Badge parking experiment in Kendal (Gazette, February 21, 'Blue Badge holders alert').

Several times I have emailed Helen Karaaslan, Cumbria County Council traffic management senior technician, who seems to be heading this experiment, and asked her to address the same points as I have put to Councillor Nick Cotton.

1. What were the health and safety concerns that instigated this experiment? The council has admitted there have been no accidents, dangerous incidents or potentially dangerous incidents caused by Blue Badge holders in the last en years.

2. What criteria, or yardstick, is to be used to measure the outcome of this experiment?

3. Doesn't this experiment infringe the Equality Act?

The act allows changes to be made to situations, services or to the environment but such changes must not make that situation worse or more difficult for disabled people than it was originally.

There can be no argument that this experiment makes the situation worse than it was originally.

I have had no satisfactory answer to any of these questions from either Helen Karaaslan or Councillor Cotton.

Michael Hartley