Once again Ian Kell has treated readers to an extensive history lesson, or his version of the history, concerning the New Road Common (Letters, February 28, 'Parking was not unofficial at New Road').

Mr Kell’s meandering tale journeys past car parking at County Hall, past the unlawful use of New Road for car parking, takes in a current application to the Planning Inspectorate, offers some denigration of two of our highly regarded environmental organisations and a wildly inaccurate claim on the costs of the reinstatement works to the New Road common - without stopping for breath!

This isn’t bad going for a letter that is trying to change the minds all those residents who see New Road as a major improvement in the presentation of Kendal.

M. Kell’s ‘Mischievous History tour’ is founded on childhood memories and snapshot opinion. However, the reality is not in his history book but in today’s law.

The land at New Road is registered as common land and with that registration comes a whole series of permissions and restrictions. Historical opinions may be interesting to some but it is today’s laws that we all have to live by.

South Lakeland District Council has carried reinstatement works to meet the requirements of that registration, and proposes to deal with the minor areas where businesses are affected in the near future.

It’s worth noting that the benefits of the significant improvements at New Road, embraced by businesses, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, are still not understood by a few. The improvements at New Road have changed the once-scruffy area into a tranquil area that Kendal can be proud of.

Graham Vincent

Portfolio Holder – Economy

South Lakeland Council