I HAVE a further suggestion for direct action that the 'striking' kids can take in addition to Ian Kell's excellent ideas (Letters, March 7, 2019): buy some chains to tie yourselves to the trees on Aynam Road, Kendal to prevent the so-called Environment Agency from destroying our beautiful riverside habitat.

Given climate change, this is about the very last thing that should be happening. Much better on all counts to begin extensive tree planting throughout the rivers catchment.

There is, however, an even more serious issue to consider: if the flood walls on Aynam Road are given the go-ahead the river will be so highly constrained during flood conditions, that a powerful increase in the current will occur.

An extra four or five feet of water in full spate surging down on Nether Bridge is going to lead to disastrous damage in my view. Kendal really would be closed for business for everyone, should the bridge be put out of action.

Much of the Environment Agency's proposed scheme as it relates to the river above Miller Bridge and to Stock Beck, is less contentious and should be approved.

This will prevent the great majority of residents and businesses in north-east Kendal from ever flooding again.

However, the proposals between Miller and Nether bridges have not been fully thought out and need further consideration.

A much cheaper solution to the public purse would be a compensation scheme to enable Aynam Road residents to move if they cannot bear to continue living there.

If these proposals are given the go-ahead, I think Kendalians will be distraught and angry when they see the result. Many Lib-Dem councillors are also likely to be swept away at the following election, for they will be held responsible for giving approval.

Anthony Dawson