I read about the impending closure of Lloyds bank - the last high street bank in Grange-over-Sands (Gazette, March 7, 'Grange loses its last bank').

In the light of this I would like to remind readers that the post office is able to perform many of the services of the banks.

It is possible to pay money into your high street bank account using a debit card or paying-in slip and cheques can be paid in using a paying-in slip. This applies to personal and business accounts.

There is no charge for obtaining cash from the post office from high street banks.

Many bills can be paid at the post office and it is often possible to use the post office to obtain change.

If you bank with one of the smaller banks or building societies your local post office may also be able to provide some banking services - please ask.

In the Grange area there are the local post offices at Lindale, Allithwaite and Flookburgh as well as the main post office in Main Street, Grange-over-Sands.

We look forward to welcoming your custom!

Jan and Ian Maynard

Lindale Post Office