MUSIC-loving Freemasons have given their third gift of £1,000 to Westmorland Youth Orchestra.

Cumberland and Westmorland Freemasons said they wanted to help realise the players' "fullest potential".

The latest of five £1,000 grants was given to orchestra trustee Oliver Wates during a concert of classical and contemporary movie soundtracks at St Mary's Church, Ambleside, conducted by Fredrik Holm.

William Bewley, provincial grand master of Cumberland and Westmorland, said members were "extremely pleased" to support "these amazingly talented young musicians".

Thanking the Masons, Mr Wates said: “The orchestra is absolutely fizzing under the guidance of Fredrik Holm who is a real find and has injected a huge dose of energy and enterprise into an already thriving orchestra.

"It makes it all the more rewarding for our sponsors who keep us afloat by their generous donations and support, particularly the Freemasons and Rotarians."

Ambleside Kirkstone Rotary Club hosted the event, which featured Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme, and music by John Williams from The Empire Strikes Back, among others.

Debra Esterhuizen, mum of a flute player, told the Masons: "Thank you kindly for the generous donation from your organisation. It’s wonderful that people support these talented children. They put in a great deal of effort, but clearly enjoy it."