You published a report in which a Kirkby Lonsdale resident proposed a 20mph limit be imposed throughout the town to reduce the likelihood of an accident involving a pedestrian.

However I fear this resident may be looking in the wrong direction!

Many might agree that the fastest-growing threat to life and limb on narrow streets such as around Kirkby Lonsdale comes from the growing use of (almost) silent cars and the concurrent increase in people focussing more on their smartphones than their surroundings.

However to be fair, it isn’t just smartphone users who are at increased risk. Last week I saw a man (nearly!) step in front of a car he simply hadn't heard outside Booths, while apparently distracted by his dog.

Surely a simpler, cheaper and more effective solution would be the introduction of more zebra crossings in the town as these would allow pedestrians to cross the road safely - whether concentrating fully or not!

I know the local Conservative Association recently organised a petition of Queen Elizabeth Court residents to request one of these across the road outside Booths (where the view in either direction can be obscured by buses and cars exiting the Recycling station).

However, others could usefully be sited outside St Mary’s Primary School and QES where children frequently cross the road – particularly when being dropped off or picked up.

These have, of course, already been installed outside other local schools in Carnforth and Kendal.

Hugo Pring