INTERIOR designer Kristine Hall set up her London-based design and styling company after documenting her own decor project on Instagram, the photo sharing site. She shared some of her secrets with Gabrielle Fagan.

WITH more than 44,000 followers on Instagram, Kristine Hall set up her "Restoring Lansdowne" account to document extensive renovations to the Victorian house she shares with her husband and two cats.

They spent six years creating a beautiful home that marries original Victorian features with "modern-vintage" design, inspired by pared-back Scandinavian style.

Kristine has six simple steps for conjuring an utterly "Instagrammable" home.

1. Create a feature with paint

“Paint is the easiest and most affordable way to refresh a space and give it the wow factor,” said Kristine. “Go a step further and use it to define an area, an architectural feature, or create character in an otherwise bland room.

“Painted half-walls are bang on trend, but you can also add drama by painting your window frames black (bonus - it makes greenery outside really pop). Alternatively, define a headboard shape in paint on the wall behind a bed."

INSTA TIP: Look out for lozenges - the shape, not the sore throat remedy. This pill-like form is popping up in all things interiors, from tables and mirrors, to dinnerware and lamps.

2. Show your bed some love

“Treat your bed the way you treat your wardrobe: buy separates that coordinate and mix them up,” said Kristine.

“Avoid a matchy-matchy look by choosing bed linens in different shades, which complement each other and your room. Mix block colours with contemporary Scandi prints, cottons with velvet or chic wrinkly linens, and add texture with chunky throws and cushions."

INSTA TIP: Ultra-fashionable grey has had its moment in the Insta-spotlight. Warmer, earthy neutrals like sand, oatmeal, jute and tan are the way to go.

3. Mix old with new

If you’re thinking of redecorating, don’t go overboard and make the mistake of simply adopting a whole style straight from one retailer.

“You don’t want your home to look like it was dragged-and-dropped direct from a furniture showroom," said Kristine.

“Instead, make the most of what you already have and elevate the look with a few pieces that are more of-the-moment, so it retains your personality.

“That doesn’t mean holding on to a past-its-sell-by-date flat-pack bookcase or hated heirloom. Bring in new pieces by all means, but before you do, think creatively about what you already own that could be repurposed, repositioned, repainted, or recovered. Bear in mind that previously unpopular brown furniture is truly enjoying a revival.”

INSTA TIP: There are so many trends on Instagram and Pinterest, it’s easy to get carried away and constantly want the latest look. It can be more successful to make regular small purchases, so you just reflect a new look in a small detail or colour.

4. Banish bare walls

“You can find unique prints at online suppliers that won’t break the bank, or head to local art fairs, makers’ market or student art shows to bag wall decor that will set your Instagram feed apart.

“Don’t be narrow about your interpretation of art, as it doesn’t end at works on paper or canvas,” she adds. “Think contemporary textiles, wood crafts, self-adhesive murals and more. The possibilities for jazzing up an empty wall space are endless.”

INSTA TIP: Every room should have a focal point, whether that’s a special feature or piece of furniture or art work. Style your room around that.

5. Make it yours

“It's really important to have something unique in every room, that not everyone else can go out and buy - a star piece.

“It can be vintage, bespoke, something upcycled - but it must be something that gives your home personality. I think a really important thing on Instagram is that people should be able to look at an image of yours, and know immediately that it’s yours."

INSTA TIP: Most people look at Instagram on their phones, so don’t try to cram too much into one shot. Take several shots taken from different angles, plus close-ups of details.

6. Use natural light for winning shots

Kristine recommends avoiding artificial light in Instagram images, explaining: "Of course, it depends a lot on individual properties and the kind of light you have at home, as well as your window treatments. But for me, bright sunshine makes it hard to take clear images. I always try to shoot on a bright but cloudy day.

“This is especially important if, like me, you only use your phone for photography. Having great images is probably 95 per cent of what Instagram is about, and if they’re fuzzy, blurry or unclear, you won’t get the hits.”

INSTA TIP: Don’t over-style. Your home will be more enticing if it looks like a place you love to be in - not a staged set piece.