I WRITE in response to Mr Hackney’s letter ‘Is it so unequal?’ (March 28).

I am a woman born in the fifties and I have no problem with the State Pension Age (SPA) of women being the same as men.

I do have an issue with the speed at which the rise in SPA was brought in for women of my generation, and the lack of notification. Although SPA is now rising for both men and women, men will never see a rise of more than one year within the last ten years of their working lives, but for some 1950s’ women the rise is six years and with only two years’ notice.

I am one of the lucky women, I have a husband who has supported me financially. Many women are living alone unable to carry on work through illness, unable to get a job because of their age, they are really struggling to make ends meet. Many women do not have a Works Pension because they were at home looking after the children for a good part of their working lives. Many women are now having to rely on food banks to feed themselves, having worked hard all their lives, it is so sad and so unjust.

The Women's SPA rise affects the whole family in so many ways. Husbands are having to work longer to support their wives, grandchildren are missing out on time spent with grandparents, young mothers are missing out on the support of their mothers with child care. Young people are unable to get started on the employment ladder because of older people hanging on to jobs, they can't afford to retire.

I joined FACEBOOK WASPI Lancaster and South Lakes Supporters Group over two years ago because I needed emotional support to help me through this tough period, I have heard of so many sad cases and realise I am not alone.

I get my pension finally in July but I will continue to support the WASPI women, they need all the support they can get. I can recommend you join this group if you and your family are in a similar situation.(email waspilancasterandslakes@hotmail.com).

Carol Haigh