FARES for the Windermere Ferry are to increase for the new season.

Cumbria County Council (CCC), which operates the Bowness to Sawrey service, have confirmed that charges for pedestrians will double from 50p to £1, while the charge for cyclists will also double from £1 to £2.

The fare for a motorcycles and horses rises from £1.60 to £2, while the charge for cars and caravans goes up from £4.40 to £5.

Minibuses and large vans will now be charged £10, an increase of £2.20, and following a revision of vehicle categories, all vehicles over 6m will also be charged £10.

The changes, which came into effect on April 1 and are the first fare increase for four years, were considered by the CCC cabinet in February and were subsequently approved.

A CCC spokesperson said concerns and comments on the new pricing structure would be duly noted and taken into consideration as part of the next annual fare review in February 2020.

The ferry, Mallard, is now back in the water after last month's three week lay off when comprehensive statutory maintenance and inspection work was carried out, and it is now operating to the full normal timetable.