AS I write, we face three possible futures all contingent on slavishly ‘respecting' the 2016 referendum: leaving the EU on April 12 with no deal, accepting the unpopular Withdrawal Agreement, and yet another General Election.

Since the referendum, 2.5 per cent of the population has died; a similar proportion has reached voting age. These demographic changes have removed nearly a million of 2016’s actual voters from the pool, and added 1.5 million new potential voters. Young people face a future in which they had no say.

The margin on that vaguely worded referendum was fractional. Only a net 635,000 Leave voters would have needed to change their minds to wipe out the win.

And yet three years later we are still mumbling ‘will of the people' and ’17.4 million’.

All of them are presumed to have assented to options not even known when ballots were cast.

We can vote in two intervening General Elections in service of this statistic, with no voter choice on the fundamental question.

Theresa May can bring the same motion unchanged three or four times before Parliament. Yet to seek voter assent on the question underlying this endless paralysis is an ‘affront to democracy’!

Allan Miller