If you ask any walker what one of the biggest morale boosts you can have on the Keswick to Barrow is they will tell you it is a smiling face at a checkpoint.

Add into the fact you are only four miles from home and have an infinite amount of sweets being thrown at you and most will agree that the Dalton checkpoint is an oasis in a desert.

Val Werry is group scout leader of the Sixth Duddon Dalton Methodist Scout Group.

The group has manned the Dalton checkpoint since the first Keswick to Barrow walk in 1967.

Mr Werry said: “The event was very dear to Bob and Sandra Sumner, who were Scout and Beaver leaders at the time.

“Bob loved the event and everything it stood for.

"He was very proud of the way it promoted the Scout movement in the area and also saw it as a way of the scouts earning badges for their work on the day.

“The scouts absolutely love being involved and feel immense pride themselves in a job well done. Bob would love to know his legacy lives on.”

Mr Werry said it was a collective effort from Scouts, parents, committee members and anyone else that can be roped in.

He said: “We gather everything together the night before ready for an early start as we like to be set up for 7.30am.

“We put up the mess tent which is our home for the day, fill the water barrels ready for the thousands that will pass our way then await the officials from the event who supply us with the juice and fruit and set up the laptop and tag reading machine.

“This is probably the biggest change over the years and is certainly an advancement from the ink stamps, paper sheets and clipboards from years gone by

“One of the toughest jobs on the day is explaining to the children that they have done their shift and need to go home.

“We have them on the checkpoint from around 10am and the last ones officially stop at 7pm.

“However the children often refuse to leave and begging to stay is commonplace as they are having such a great time. They love encouraging every walker who passes and have been known to run after strugglers handing them sweets with the trademark smiles.

"The children absolutely love the fancy dress walkers.

"Sonic, a Polar Bear and Scooby Doo are standouts over the last few years.”

Mr Werry said the motto for the day was ‘We will not close until the last walker has passed’ as every person deserves recognition and encouragement.

Over the last few years the Keswick to Barrow committee has acknowledged the work done by the Scouts and they have received a donation from the fund.

This has helped with everything from purchasing new tents to family days out.

Mr Werry said: “We would like to thank all committee members, parents, friends, all the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers for their endless support.

“You’re all a credit to scouting, also to Brian and the late Ann Moore, our St John’s First Aiders and their team, who shared our tent for many years, becoming close friends and adding to the family atmosphere we are so proud of.”