A new book by two award-winning authors provides a fascinating look at some of the most prominent names connected with Kendal.

'Kendal Worthies', by Trevor Hughes & Arthur Nicholls, contains information on a wide-range of people; from Kateryn (Katherine) Parr - the last of Henry VIII's six wives - and the famous fell-walker Alfred Wainwright, through to architect John Richardson and weaver Jimmy Wiggins.

According to Mr Nicholls, 96, the characters documented in the book cover a wide social spectrum:

"It's a survey of people who've contributed to Kendal in one way or another," he said.

He added: "It's covering Kendal as a whole. It's not picking out special people, or important people or anything like that."

Last year another book by the pair - entitled The Yards of Kendal - was awarded the Striding Edge Prize for Guides and Tourism at the Lakeland Book of the Year Awards.

Asked whether he'd learnt anything new whilst writing 'Kendal Worthies', Mr Nicholls, who is Vice Chair of the Kendal Civic Society, said: "I didn't realise that Edward Wakefield [ ] was a pioneer aviator, and particularly with developing a safe means of taking off and landing from Windermere."

He added: "The biggest problem for me now is to write something new about Kendal. Something will come to me I'm sure."