MAKATON shopping lists will soon be made available at ASDA stores in Kendal and Barrow to help both children and adults with learning and communication difficulties.

Makaton, used by more than one million children and adults, is designed to support spoken language, with the signs and symbols used with speech in spoken word order.

An initiative, called the‘Happy Little Helper’ scheme, in which music and public announcements are switched off to reduce the amount of noise the children have to deal with, was initially rolled out in 2017 across 300 supermarkets. 


This was to help make shopping trips a more pleasant experience for children with learning and communication difficulties.

Customers can ask for the kid-friendly shopping list which uses Makaton symbols of groceries such as fruit, vegetables and biscuits.

Children can use the velcro-backed symbols to help their parents shop - and tick off items as they go round.

For more information on Makaton Language Programme or The Makaton Charity visit