A GROUP of climate change protestors pretended to be dead in Kendal’s Market Place yesterday.

Lying flat on their backs on the pavement beside the war memorial, their unusual style of protest came as 15 climate change campaigners from South Lakeland travelled to London to join a wider movement.

Those protesting in London have spent the past three days blocking traffic and causing gridlock in the capital.

They are part of a growing socio-political group called Extinction Rebellion who are calling for radical action on climate change.

The campaigners have camped overnight at Parliament Square, Waterloo Bridge, and Oxford Circus.

The movement has three core demands. It wants the Government to “tell the truth about climate change”, reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025 and create a citizens’ assembly to oversee progress.

Extinction Rebellion has co-ordinated a series of actions in the captial over the past six months, including the blocking of five London bridges last November and a semi-naked protest in Parliament earlier this month.


Adrian Potter, from Staveley, who had been protesting in London said the science was “crystal clear”.

“We have just a few short years left to prevent climate breakdown which is why we’re on the streets-urging over the government to act,” he said.

Kendal’s organiser Wendi Lethbridge said they were not there to cause a disturbance but wanted to create attention.

“We are doing this so people stop and speak to us,” she said.

“The public need to be educated and understand that something has to be done.”