I noticed that there has been some opposition to the Environment Agency's flood protection plans for Kendal.

My house was flooded during Storm Desmond and I would like to tell you my recent insurance experience.

Just over a year ago my broker informed me that the company covering my contents was no longer willing to do so, and neither would any other company they dealt with.

My attempts to find another insurer turned out to be a long, fruitless and weary task before I finally succeeded, and it cost more.

What will happen if all insurers, en masse, decide to decline insurance for previously flooded homes?

Would a large number of houses in Kendal become uninsurable, unsellable and exempt from council tax due to being worthless?

Perhaps I am being unduly alarmist, but I urge all decision-makers and all those opposed to the Flood protection Scheme to think very carefully indeed.

John Gerrard