PLEASE can someone enlighten me as to why we think is acceptable for people riding or leading horses to not clean up after their animals if they defecate while being ridden, or led, on public highways and footpaths/cycleways, despite the clear wording of rule 54 of the Highway Code: 'You must not take a horse on to a footpath or pavement, and you should not take a horse on to a cycle track'.

Spring is here and as if to herald its return the country lanes are now filled with the sounds of birds singing and lambs bleating, the sights of hedgerows bursting into leaf and the sight and smell of copious piles of horse manure appearing on the highways around the area.

As a keen cyclist and walker I find it very unpleasant to have to step over, or cycle round, the piles of poo which are appearing, hosting the clouds of flies they attract as the weather warms up.

I particularly don’t enjoy it when it rains a bit and turned the piles into sloppy, green puddles to splash all over the place.

Come on riders – get off your high horse and pick up after your animals!

Stuart Crawford