ON A lovely Easter Sunday afternoon with bright sunshine and force 2-3 winds from the south, the Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s Flying Fifteens headed to the south lake for the start of their two races.

Conditions could not could have been better, with light winds and beautiful sunshine.

In the first race, Nigel Tullett and Steven Wilson in ‘Niffty’ led around the windward mark from David Heron and Chris Ducker, followed by Julian Newman and Amanda Wilson.

While Tullett pulled slightly ahead on the run, a close battle developed behind between Newman and Heron.

It was ‘nip and tuck’ up the next beat to Storrs Temple, but Newman/Wilson gained an advantage at the final mark.

The first race was won by Nigel Tullett and Steven Wilson, with Julian Newman/Amanda Wilson in second, and David Heron/Chris Ducker in third.

The second race developed a similar pattern. Nigel Tullett and Steven Wilson were the first around the windward mark, followed closely by the Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s Commodore Clare Houlihan (crewed by husband Tony), then David Heron and Chris Ducker.

There was intense jockeying in the group of boats which followed closely behind. The Houlihans faded slightly on the run and others caught up in the southerly breeze.

On the next windward leg to Storrs, Nigel Tullett/Steven Wilson held their lead. However, behind them the places changed frequently in exciting racing.

David Heron/Chris Ducker rounded the windward mark next, followed closely by Julian Newman/Amanda Wilson. Down the run, though, the gap closed further with Julian Newman/Amanda Wilson and John Atkinson/Elizabeth Moreton hot on the leaders’ heels; both these boats rounded the last mark together.

At the finish, Nigel Tullett/Steven Wilson maintained their lead.

All in all, it was a wonderful Easter Sunday of racing on Windermere. The overall winners were Nigel Tullett (for the second weekend in a row), crewed by Steven Wilson, and followed in second place by John Atkinson/Elizabeth Moreton and an admirable performance by David Heron/Chris Ducker in third.

Meanwhile news from the dinghy fleet is that Easter Monday’s first race was won by Steven Wilson in his GP 14, followed by Nigel Hutchinson in second place and Judith Gore in third.

In the day’s second dinghy race, Robert Richardson came first, Steven Wilson second and John Richardson third.

With such close results and stiff competition, the overall results for April so far are: first Nigel Hutchinson, second John Richardson, third Steven Wilson. The season is still ‘young’ and there is plenty of racing ahead.

Everyone agreed the racing on Windermere was fantastic this weekend and the weather conditions ‘ideal’. Particular congratulations go to Steve Wilson for his excellent Flying Fifteens and dinghy competitions over Easter.