Sarah Williams is in cloud cuckoo land if she thinks “Kendal’s night life is changing for the better” (Gazette, April 18, 'Market town wins top spot on wish-list').

As a proud Kendalian I sadly have to agree with The Sunday Times label as “what’s not hot”.

Walk (because after 5.30/6pm you won’t get a bus, nor will you get any on a Sunday) through Kendal town centre on a evening and it’s like a ghost town.

Everywhere is closed. Yes, as she says, pubs may be open but not everyone wants to be in a pub! The only encouraging thing I have seen recently is the new coffee shop - The Italian Cafe says it serves till 10.30pm and long may that continue.

Having attended more events at The Brewery Arts Centre then I care to remember, over the last few seasons there is less and less that has caught my eye and the prices they charge are getting higher. It is £8.50 for a cinema ticket for films that a lot of the time they don’t get until weeks after anywhere else and then when you factor in having to get a taxi home due to no public transport it stops people coming out on an evening.

Kendal Leisure Centre should look towards its sister centre in Carlisle where there seems to be loads going on.

Travel down the road to Lancaster and there is much more atmosphere. The Lancaster Grand Theatre has plenty of evening events to tempt you to stay and spend money. Give people more choice, after all “bums on seats” brings in money to the town, which can only be a good thing.

If Kendal wants to be included on the next list it needs to buck up its ideas. Hopefully this recent disappointment will give the decision makers a much-needed wake up call.

K. Murdoch