I, for one, am grateful to the "Extinction Rebellion" protesters, both those who "died" in the Market Place at Kendal and the youth group in the Bird Cage for not creating the sort of mayhem that has occurred in London and other cities in their protests about global warming.

However I have a couple of questions. The first is to the 15 local people who went to London to join the protest there. How many carbon emissions did you and the other protesters in London use in the protest, including the traffic snarl-up occasioned by your protest?

Secondly, how would you reduce these emissions to zero by 2025?

I have not seen or heard any protestor come forward with a plan.

It is all very good saying the government must do something, but what, bearing in mind there are other countries such as Russia, America, India, China who have a worse pollution problem than us. Getting Britain to reduce its limits would make very little difference to the global problem.

It is perfectly acceptable to protest but let us hear some practical ideas for this to happen by 2025 or even 2050.

Peter Holme