SPECTATORS witnessed an exciting day of sport as young farmers got to grips with tug-of-war and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling at the weekend.

Teams from the southern district young farmers' clubs gathered at Hebblethwaite Farm, Marthwaite, near Sedbergh, to take part in the tests of strength and skill in the pre field day competitions.

Old adversaries were pitted against each other in the tug-of-war and there was much gritting of teeth and straining of muscles. The ground proved to be tough going following recent heavy downpours and gave little purchase and made “digging in” nigh on impossible. Results relied largely on strength and stamina.

Judges Judith Emmott and Clare Johnson oversaw proceedings. Winning teams will progress to the Southern District Field Day at Rigmaden Farm, Mansergh, Kirkby Lonsdale, on Saturday May 11.

The results for the wrestling were as follows:

Female under 10 stone: 1 Hannah Hodgson, Sedbergh; 2 Jessica Ellwood, Pennine; 3 Katie Garnet, Cartmel; 4 Ellie Wilson, Grayrigg. Female over 10 stone: 1 Connie Hodgson, Sedbergh; 2 Cally-Jo Dawson, Lowick; 3 Lucy Dickinson, Cartmel; 4 Lucy Wilson, Grayrigg; Male under 10 stone: 1 Ted Hodgson, Sedbergh; 2 Aidan Handley, Grayrigg; 3 Tyke Benson, Crook; 4 Oli Millican, Eden Valley. Male over 10 stone/under 13.5 stone: 1 Sam Wilson, Grayrigg; 2 Sam Gorst, Sedbergh; 3 Jackson Southward, Broughton; 4 Jack Sowerby, Eden Valley; Male over 13.5 stone: 1 Matthew Atkinson, Grayrigg; 2 Archie Carr, Lowick; 3 Daryl Hodgson, Sedbergh; 4 Thomas Cannon, Pennine.

The tug-of-war teams progressing to the Southern District Field Day are as follows:

Junior: Kent Estuary, Pennine, Broughton, Grayrigg; Ladies: Sedbergh, Pennine, Grayrigg, Cartmel; Men: Sedbergh, Pennine, Kent Estuary, Grayrigg;