THE logistics of picking equine poo off the road is not easy (Letters, April 25, 'Pick up the horse dung!').

You firstly have to put signage and bollards out - or find a police person - to stop the traffic. Not an easy thing to either find or do while holding the equine.

Then you have to find someone to hold the equine while you go to get some tools to pick up the poo.

I must point out that most equines don't take kindly to carrying round a shovel, brush and bag very well.

Then you have to remove the poo to a safe and convenient environment.

Meanwhile the traffic jam is growing, drivers are getting rebellious and the equine has done another poo through boredom.

A simple solution is to let the weather dispose of it, or put it in your compost bin.

After all, it's only grass, fully biodegradable, unlike plastic dog poo bags hung up in trees or in hedge bottoms.

F. Carradus