ON TRYING to return home from Sandylands hydrotherapy pool to Castle Grove in Kendal on Thursday morning April 11, 50 yards before Parkside Road railway bridge there were road closed signs.

I turned round (as the Larch Grove entrance was partially blocked) and headed back along Sedbergh Road, down to Castle Road.

After turning left I was met by cars coming towards me on the road, on the pavement, even one trying to overtake the queue of nine cars waiting to get through the single lane available!

I did get home after approximately 15 minutes but on taking a look at the Parkside Road entrance to the Castle Estate it's no wonder all the main road cars were heading through as there was no alternative route signposted by the contractors, just road closed signs at the north side of the traffic lights.

Since 2008 the residents of Castle Grove have been trying to ease the amount of traffic coming though where children play but with the half term holidays in full flow we got hundreds of cars and vans putting everyone in danger.

Local councillors take note: if every time there is maintenance on Parkside Road and this diversion is allowed to carry on, it is going to end in tears for some poor family.

Steve Machell

Resident of Castle Grove