A CANNABIS dealer from Windermere revealed to a court how his customers used an Instagram group to place their orders.

Jamie Reese Woodward pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis with intent to supply when he appeared at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court.

The 23-year-old had been stopped by police near his home on the evening of February 7.

After finding some cannabis on him officers then searched his bedroom at his parents’ home where they found a large quantity of the drug and other drug-related paraphernalia.

Prosecutor Pam Ward told the court: “It was 6.40pm police stopped and searched the defendant outside his home and found him to be in possession of cannabis.

“They searched his bedroom and found a large amount of herbal cannabis, some weighing scales, a number of snap lock plastic bags and two mobile phones.

“The cannabis totalled 43.2g which had a street value of around £255.”

After he was arrested Woodward then revealed to police how he sold cannabis on the streets of Windermere.

“In interview he admitted possession with intent to supply,” Mrs Ward said.

“He said every two weeks he earns £530 from his job and he also sells cannabis.

“He followed a group on Instagram called LoudKushHaze and would get a DM asking for a menu.

“He told police he started to go off to Preston by train to buy cannabis for himself; he was then asked if he would take it up to Cumbria to sell it.

“He would get cannabis worth £120 every three months; he would receive different strains of cannabis.

“He would split it into £20 bags until he had recovered the cost and he would then keep the rest.

“The crown say this is a significant role motivated by financial gain.

“He has admitted selling cannabis.”

The words kush and haze are associated with cannabis users and are often used in hashtags or profiles on Instagram to direct users to dealers.

Woodward made no objection to the case being committed to the crown court for sentencing after District Judge Gerald Chalk deemed the offence was so serious that the sentencing powers of the magistrates’ court were insufficient.

Woodward, of Woodland Close in Windermere, will appear at Carlisle Crown Court on June 5 to be sentenced.